The Sporta Saintika journal was formed in 2015 by the Faculty of Sports Science, Padang State University, Department of Health and Recreation in Indonesia. The publication of the Sporta Saintika Journal aims to facilitate interaction, discussion, and updating of ideas from sports scientists in Indonesia. In early 2016, the first edition was published in a version with a total of 8 articles. In 2017, E-ISSN was managed by number 2579-5910. The first Chief Editor was Prof. Gusril, M.Pd then in 2021 was allowed by a young lecturer from the Department of Health and Recreation, namely Windo Wiria Dinata, M.Pd. In Vol 3 Number 1 in March 2019, this journal has been implemented in the OJS (open journal system) version. In October 2019 the Sporta Saintika Journal applied for accreditation to Arjuna and finally obtained the SINTA 5 accreditation in January 2020. At the end of 2020 the Sporta Saintika Journal applied for accreditation again to obtain a better sinta rating. Finally, in February 2021 the Sporta Saintika Journal obtained SINTA 3 accreditation until now.


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